Fowlers Chocolates

Fowlers Chocolates

Project Outline

Fowlers Chocolates is a very successful brick and mortar store from Buffalo, NY. They were established in 1901 and have grown their business over the years to include seven retail stores. It was only natural that they would start to sell online. Before working with us, they had tried to create their online store alone and run in to a few road blocks. While Shopify is designed for ease of use, it does take some time to learn and if you are running multiple successful retail stores time is a very rare commodity. Reluctantly they released the reigns to us, to build their online store. This was probably one of the most mouth watering projects we worked on. It is very difficult to look at sumptuous pictures of delicious chocolate all day long and not eat any. The healthy snacks weren't cutting it and had to be replaced.

Buffalo, New York, United States

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