New Client Onbarding

New Client Onboarding

What is Onboarding?

When a new client chooses to work with you it is vitial that everyone understands how the furture relationship is going to work. This is the onboarding process where we explain the tools that we use to make projects run smoothly. Over the years we have tried out different tools to streamline our work and make us more productive and these are the current set of tools that we use. We are constantly evaluating new tools to see if we can improve our efficency and workflow.

Design Survey

The design survey is used to get an understanding of which designs you like and dislike. It is quite a simple process where you look at screnshots of some online shops, then we ask you to imagine your branding, logo, fonts and products in that store and give us a quick 1-5 rating of how much you would like your shop. There is also a comments section where you can detail any additional thoughts you might have on the design or list sites that you would like to emulate.


Asana is a task manamgement tool that helps us deliver our projects in a timely and efficient manor. It allows us to work with cleints all over the world and keeps projects on track. Many people are bothered about learning a new technology. A new login to remember and another website to check but when you start using Asana you will see how powerful yet simple it is. If you can use facebook then you can use asana. Each project is broken in to sections and tasks. It allows us to discuss specific aspects of the project in great detail and not loose information in long email chains. Tasks are updated as they are worked on and marked as complete so you are kept in the loop as to what is going on with your project. Anything that goes in Asana gets done and nothing gets lost.

Nimbus Screen Recorder

A picture says a thousand words and often when trying to describe an issue it is easier to point to something on the screen than write out a description in words. We have found the nimbus broswer plugin very simple to use and extremely useful for communication. You add the program to your browser and then click the icon when ever you want to take a screen shot of something. Screenshots can be saved on your computer and added to tasks in Asana very easily.

No chat apps, sorry

This is often a bit of concern with clients at the start of a project. There is a very good reason why we made this choice. We want to make sure that we use the right tool for the right job. For us, Asana is that tool because is centralises all communication about a project/task and nothing gets lost in a chat and forgotten about. People want to be able to ping you with ideas, suggestions or changes at a moments notice and get quick feedback. That all sounds fantastic except for the fact that it is extemely distracting and you often end up bouncing from project to project with nothing to show at the end of the day. That little ping of a new message arriving pulls our attention away from your project on to a different client. If we are working on your project then we want to be 100% focused on your project. We are normally only online on skype/hangouts/etc for scheduled calls .