Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible

As we work with clients all over the world we tend to have non traditional work hours. Some weeks it is early mornings, others it is really late nights and then on unfortunate weeks it is both early morning and late nights. As long as projects are delivered in a timely fashion, deadlines are met and clients are happy there is quite a degree of flexibility when it comes to "office hours". Due to this flexibility it allows us to get involved in different programs we are are passionate about.  


FrauenLoop is a Berlin-based non-profit supported by software industry professionals. They offer training and mentorship to EU resident and newcomer women who wish to change to tech industry careers. Over three 3-month cycles, they cover the basics of full-stack web development using Ruby on Rails, interactive design using JavaScript, and database organization and management using Rails and SQL. We provide assistance to Frauenloop with course material and mentoring. 


Hangar 1 is a newly founded organization conformed by people coming from different backgrounds: Arts, Music, the Start-up scene, Public Relations, and even Law. Altogether, they run several projects that support migrants seeking asylum in Germany. I am one of the founding members of the organization. 

Refugees on Rails

Refugees On Rails is a non-profit organisation founded in Berlin in 2013. Its aim is to teach digital literacy through learning how to code. Since its formation, the organisation has expanded and established further chapters (networks of volunteers who help coordinate the program) in Cologne, Munich, Leipzig, Aschaffenburg, Toronto, Minneapolis and Amsterdam and Hamburg. We have been involved in the mentoring of students in Berlin and are still in regular contact with most who have finished the program. 

Singa Deutschland

SINGA Deutschland is part of an international network of organisations in France, Canada, Belgium and Germany that connects newcomers and locals through a variety of innovative projects and activities. By building on the interests and skills of the community, all members are able to contribute to the creation of a truly inclusive society. We volunteer our web development services to Singa to help them create and maintain a web prescience.