Ellie’s Dogwear – Doggie Bandanas

Ellie's Dogwear - Doggie Bandanas

Project Outline

Ellie Dogwear sell handmade bandanas and had set up their Shopify site themselves. They were in need of some design input and wanted some help changing their e-commerce store. They had a very limited budget so we had to give them the most bang for their buck. A few minor changes around the site and the addition of some modules helped give their shopify site a more coherent web presence. There home page had a large logo and slider which took up a lot of precious real estate . The page background was very dark and strong design that was distracting and didn’t relate to the products. There was also no way for customers to get in contact with them.

How We Helped

  • Logo redesign – We recommended that the logo be reorientated. The initial design has the Dog on top of the brand name. Moving the Dog to the same line as the brand name significantly reduced the height of the logo and gave us some more
  • Slider – To save us some more screen real estate we decreased the height of the slider. We also made the slider images link to the correct product pages for each image.
  • Background image – The background image was replace with a more suitable dog paw print in a light colour. This complements the products quite well and isn’t as distracting as the original dark circular design.
  • Contact Us – Adding of a contact us page to the site made it possible to for customers to easily get in contact with. Knowing the correct app to install for this made getting this feature up an running a breeze.
  • Additional Collection – Although there are limited products on the site there was no easy way to find out which items were on sale. An additional collection for Sale items was created.
  • Additional Navigation – Additional items were added to main menu as well as the footer to improve the user experience and assist in driving sales.
  • Social media – Recommendations were made to Ellies Dogwear about integrating various social media items to their site. A facebook module was installed to allow users to sell their products via facebook should they wish to do so. Sharing product photos via Twitter and Instagram was also recommended as a way to generate interest in their niche products.
Ellies Dogwear Dog
Hanna, Wyoming, United States

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