Pearlys Possum Socks

Pearlys Possum Socks

Project Outline

Pearly’s Possum approached us with a relatively small project to help them update some aspects of their site. This has turned in to a long term relationship with us helping them with various aspects of the online presence. Pearly had launched their site a couple of years previously and handled all the design and development in-house. They had a high quality product in a niche market and had been quite successful. Now that their product line was expanding they wanted some help changing the layout slightly. The layout changes that they were looking for relatively simple but we also noticed a couple of other areas where the site could be optimized to help improve sales.

Navigation – There were a number of links to external sites that had reviews/articles about their product. When you clicked on any links you were taken away from the Pearly site which resulted a possible loss in sales as the user never came back to the site. To counteract this we added in some code so that all external link on the site were opened in a new window. This way the Pearly site was always open in the background and increased the chance of the customer viewing the site again.
Social Selling – The social media presence of Pearly was not being used as a sales channel to help drive sales. By incorporating their products in to their Facebook page we allowed visitors to their Facebook page to purchase products within Facebook.
Mobile Responsive - Modernization and redesign their store to be fully mobile responsive was a key factor in helping to drive user engagement. The original site was only available as a desktop version which was not the best user experience on mobile and tablet. Looking through the reports from the site we could see that the majority of the traffic visiting the site was coming from mobile devices.

Los Gatos, California, United States

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