Potash Market Chicago

Potash Market Chicago

Project Outline

Potash provides fresh, local, gourmet ingredients at it’s three grocery stores in downtown Chicago. They also have a catering division which serves up tasty snacks, lunchs and treats for corporate clients and this is the area of the business that we helped them with. We used Shopify to create and online ordering platform for their customers. The design and branding aspects of their existing website also had to be maintained on their eCommerce site. Users should be able to transition between both sites without noticing any changes in the look and feel. This required some heavy customization of Shopify to achieve this but the end result is a very distinctive site.

Delivery Options – One of the key features that was require with this online store was a custom delivery solution. Users could choose the date and time they wanted their order ready by, they could select the location for their order to be prepared and if they wanted a pickup the order or have it delivered to their office.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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