Bridal Blue

AMY LEIGH ASSAAD is a Sydney based designer and creator of couture bridal, wedding, and racewear headpieces. As all of her pieces are custom made for each bride to their […]

Diamond Kidz

Danielle approached us making some changes to the Diamond Kidz website as their previous developer was unable to complete the tasks that she needed. After the initial changes and the […]

Bodhran World

Bodhran World were using WooCommerce as a platform for their online shop and blog for a number of years. While the platform worked, they found it a little bit limiting […]


Tanzee wanted to open a second store online to service their international market. We were able to duplicate their existing store content and implemented a centralized order management and inventory […]

Gelpro Australia

Gelpro Australia came to us asking for some help with their online shop. We did an audit of their shopify site and highlighted some key area where, with some small […]

Fly Babee

Fly Babee came to us with an interesting request that had us scratching out head for a few days. They wanted some customization of their checkout pages but this feature […]

Macha Training Tea

Training tea approached us with a very clear design in mind. They came from a graphic design background¬†and wanted a pixel perfect execution of their design. They had already researched […]

Bodhi Kitchen

Bodhi Kitchen wanted a revamp of their site. Their initial design and layout functioned but it needed to be refreshed to give a more modern feel to the site. Based […]